The EPRG at UAL will be an adventurous environment where the practices and theories of creative education can be explored and developed in collaboration with local and global educational and cultural institutions. We envision that we will have close links to all the other Research Centres, Institutes, groups, networks and hubs at UAL.

The EPRG will be a visionary research community that will challenge, celebrate and experiment with perceived notions of creative education and develop ways in which we can remove barriers to learning for all UAL practitioners, recognising the implications of this for the wider creative education sector.

The EPRG will champion creative experimental pedagogies by equitably advancing the thinking and practices of high-quality creative education through diverse populations and communities of practice.

The EPRG will be an engaged living practice, involving networks of participants from the diversity of creative educational fields, working together at the forefront of politics, philosophy and pedagogy where new thinking is co-conceived and co-constructed through praxis.

The EPRG will utilise experimental ways to disseminate its work and developments using multiple methods, media and articulations that function together to generate insights into creative educational research ventures.

The EPRG in collaboration with other research communities at UAL, will assemble in new multidisciplinary, transversal and interconnected spaces in which experimental research can unfold and be fruitful in contexts of creative education.

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