Privacy Statement

Experimental Pedagogies Research Group (EPRG)

Privacy Notice

We will use your name and email address to register you with the group and these details will be shared with other members. You may be contacted about participating in or organising EPRG events, invited to meetings or to collaborate with others, and information may be recorded about your participation in these activities.

Although intended for staff and students engaged in research under their staff/student contract, personal data of other interested parties will be processed under UAL’s ‘legitimate interest’ to develop and share research approaches. If you wish to no longer be a member contact until becomes activated.

Collaborative notes and other outputs of events and discussions where people may be identifiable will be archived and remain as a permanent record. All other personal data will be deleted 6 years after the academic year of the event or meeting.

You can find more information about UAL and your privacy rights here.