The Experimental Pedagogies Research Group (EPRG) was set up on the 14th July 2020 in response to a growing demand from various staff and doctoral students at UAL for a place where theoretical and practical ideas of experimentation in creative educational contexts could be explored.

Two colourful layered prints with the text our fur our fur
Image Credits: OUR FUR OUR FUR [Many): Ana Vicente Richards, Jonathan Martin, Mark Ingham, Sara Ortolani and The EPRG (2021).

Three concurrent aims were quickly identified.

To create and imagine more informal, online in person spaces. where ideas of what experimental and creative pedagogies, could be discussed and put into practice. This has been initially established in our monthly meetings.


To locate funding streams for creative experimental projects that we wished to develop. This work is in progress, and an LCC Research funding bid has been successful.


To explore the possibility of setting up a Research Centre at UAL dedicated to developing, with our talented practitioners, new ways of practicing and thinking about creative education.


“It’s not so much that it preexists or comes ready‐made […] you make one, you can’t desire without making one. And it awaits you; it is an inevitable exercise or experimentation, already accomplished the moment you undertake it, unaccomplished as long as you don’t. […] It is not at all a notion or a concept but […] a set of practices. […] you can’t reach it, you are forever attaining it, it is a limit.”

(Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari A thousand plateaus: Capitalism and schizophrenia, vol. 2)

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