How Did I Get Here?

Where I’m at? (Where) Where I go? (How) How did I get here? (How did I get here?) … And you may ask yourself, “Well… how did I get here?”

We may well ask ourselves a variation on the question of how we come to be pursuing a PhD in the Design School at LCC. Our journeys towards here are as relevant as those that we are on (in our research endeavours); especially to others who may be more broadly interested in what we are doing, here.

Here, then, is an opportunity to respond – and to hear something about one another’s stories. There will also renumeration for this endeavour, to reflect the efforts made in engaging in the creation of this resource.

Mark Ingham and Jonathan Martin, funded by the LCC Design School, would like to invite you to record a talking head, introducing yourself and your work, and identifying the meaningful factors that have brought you to this point. Apart from the act of reflection, these short videos would serve as a research resource (of resourceful researchers!) that can be shared. Our broad hope is that it will enhance the visibility of the important work that we are undertaking, opening-up further opportunity.

You might think of this as a playlist track, a 45rpm since it ought to be A MAXIMIMUM of three minutes in length.

We suggest the following considerations:

timings, so (approximately)

– Who (am I?) 30 seconds

– What (is my research?) 30 seconds

– How and when (did I get here?) 60 seconds

– Who (helped me get here?) 30 seconds 

– Where (am I going) 30 seconds 


one minute on who you are as a person and what your research is;

one minute on the factors that made you decide to do a degree within the Design School;

– one minute on your immediate hopes (or similar!). Aim to introduce your thinking in its context

a one-shot film: fluffs and stumbles keep it real (but try it out a bit first to get confident 😉

a background location that suits you / helps you feel relaxed

any visual aids as hand-helds, rather than screen-shares

avoid over-technicality: this should have broad reach

enjoy yourself!

Don’t worry about the beginning and end of the video: we will edit the resource.

Both Mark and Jonathan are founding members of the EPRG

If you would like to know more (which of course we all do), please contact Jonathan Martin – a 5th year p/t student, now at LCC, pondering these questions amongst others.


Mark Ingham ‘How Did I Get Here’ Talking Head