EPRGNewsletter February 2023Warm and joyful greetings to all EPRG members as we launch our first newsletter.

We hope this newsletter will be a fruitful  place for encounters and for convergence of the group’s research activities, announcements, updates and sharing of practice. 

EPRG joyful encounters

According to Spinoza’s affective theory of ethics, joyful encounters are not simply a matter of following moral norms, but are characterized by joyful affections that increase our “power to act”. Thus, ethics involves the collective pursuit of joyful encounters that augment our capacity to affect and be affected by others, and by so doing increase our powers of action. 

Munro, I., & Thanem, T. (2018). The Ethics of Affective Leadership: Organizing Good Encounters Without Leaders. Business Ethics Quarterly, 28(1), 51-69. doi:10.1017/beq.2017.34 

Full paper available here

EPRG WebsiteAnnouncementsUpcoming EPRG meetings

We are holding a couple of online EPRG meetings at the beginning of March. This one is on Tuesday 7th March 09.00am – 10.00am. The second one will be on Friday 10th March 10.00am – 11.00am. Invites have gone out for these so please check your inboxes and forward to anyone you might think would be interested to join us.Gmail and Zoom

Access to the EPRG gmail and Zoom account for members via the following login details:

Zoom sign-in email:
Zoom sign-in password: Wonderland24hrs

Gmail address:
Gmail password: Wonderland!Publishers and Journals database

We have started a database with relevant publishers and journals for future papers, chapters and book submissions. EPRG members are encouraged to update and add to this database here.
 EPRG Register

As you may be aware we are working towards creating the Creative Pedagogies Research Centre.  A key consideration in achieving research centre status will be the recognition of our activities relating to Funding, Publications, and Impact. We are therefore keeping a register to record our activities. 
These activities are:  

– Any Research outputs (publications) in the public domain including: Article, Artwork, Book, Book section, Conference Item, Exhibition, Patent, Performance, Report, Other. 

– Any Impact activities including: Collaborations and Partnerships, Engagement Activities (events), Influence on Policy, research Databases & Models, Intellectual Property & Licensing, artistic & Creative Products, Software & Technical Products, Spin Outs, Awards and Recognition, Other.
– Any Funding applications and awards (which can be associated with the EPRG)     

Please send these and other activities you might think are relevant to Neil Farnan
 EPRG Family Tree

We are building a family tree on Miro. This is a great way for members to find out about each other’s research interests and create connections for possible future collaborations and research projects.

You are invited to add your profile to the tree and connect to other’s profiles already there.

EPRG Miro Family TreeFlourish

A new channel on EPRG Teams for members to share research, theories, resources, practices and policies: on Anti-racism, Decolonising and EDI. To enable our Students and Staff to Flourish.

Welcome to Flourish

 Upcoming events


Friday 24th March in M404 at LCC, from 10.00-16.00

You are invited to this much-anticipated, finally-occurring EPRG in-person event! 
Please feel free to join the EPRG for this celebration at LCC (Elephant & Castle), for some-or-all of this very-interactive meeting. We hope to cover much ground, continue to respond to those plans already formed, discover new strategic developments and entanglements and generate more material for sharing, over the course of various loosely-demarcated sessions: 
10.00–11:00 FUNDING HOUR (updates and strategies) 
11.00–12:00 PUBLICATION HOUR (thoughts and actions) 
12.00–13:00 NEW MEMBERSHIP HOUR (please invite others in!) 
13.00–14:00 PICNIC HOUR (feel free to bring lunch to share, or not) 
14.00–15:00 VALUES HOUR (ongoing discussion, resulting in outputs to utilise) 
15.00–16:00 RESPONSE HOUR (where we can see what we’ve mapped over the course of the day)  
We envisage that these hours of activity will morph into one another and will have undercurrents of mapping, burring and collaboration. We note that it marks the first anniversary of our 24HRS ON EARTH event, so discussion stemming from that and plans to make more of it now, seems vital.  
We will also pick up on our emergent theme of ‘Critical Creativity’, and any of the other initiatives that we bring to the event. BOOK YOU PLACEEPRG Members NewsFunding Applications

Our application for the AHRC Research Networking Scheme, under the working title CRITICAL CREATIVITY, is in progress. Our GAP form has been approved by RMA and we have been assigned Dr Tom Gould to assist with developing our application. 
There will be opportunities to be involved in this and other Funding bids during our Picnic-Festival-Mapping-Event on 24th March.

Recent and upcoming publications

Ingham, M.B.N. et al. (eds) (2023) Handbook of Research on the Relationship Between Autobiographical Memory and Photography: IGI Global (Advances in Media, Entertainment, and the Arts). Available at: the past year three colleagues from LCC, Dr Nela Milic (EPRG), Dr Paul Lowe, Dr Mark Ingham (EPRG), along with two UAL PhD alumni, Dr Vasileios Kantas and Dr Sara Andersdotter (EPRG) have been editing the Handbook of Research on the Relationship Between Autobiographical Memory and Photography. This key volume of research has 27 chapters by leading practitioners in the fields of memory, photography and autobiography. It includes chapters from Dr Jennifer Good and Sophy Rickett from LCC, with contributions from two LCC doctoral students, Elin Karlsson (EPRG) and Mireia Ludevid Llop (EPRG). Other UAL colleagues who successfully submitted chapters were Natalie Payne from LCF and Tim Stephens (EPRG) from the Exchange. Available here

Vasant, S. (2022) “Talking higher education: starting a podcast during the pandemic,” Spark: UAL Creative Teaching and Learning Journal, 5(1). Available at:[OPEN ACCESS]  Available hereActivities

Mark Ingham and Santanu Vasant did a Keynote at ART+ (Art Reimagined with Technology), a brand new conference hosted by the Royal College of Art and Falmouth University. Keynote slides available hereCallsCALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue 2, “Ways of Writing in Art and Design”

Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (Intellect Books)

We invite responses to the first Special Issue on ‘Ways of Writing in Art and Design’ , which is guest edited by Clare Johnson and Rachael Miles at the University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE). The first Special Issue explores ways of writing in/through/alongside/with art and design as opposed to writing ‘about’ it. Rooted in Visual Culture pedagogy and inflected with the experience of writing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the contributions predominantly arose from a series of three workshops held during June 2021 to launch the Ways of Writing in Art and Design (WoW) research network, which is part of the Visual Culture Research Group at UWE.

Deadline: 1 April

More info here.CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue, “With–In Bodies: Research Assemblages of the Sensory and the Embodied”

Humanities journal (Online, Open Access)
Guest editor: Dr. Tara Page, Department of Educational Studies, Goldsmiths University of London, London SE14 6NW, UK

Interests: praxic entanglements of making and learning; new materialist theories; embodied and material practice research methods and methodologies; artistic, pedagogic, and research practices

Deadline: 2 May 

More info here.

 External EventsLandscapes Of Learning For Unknown Futures: Prospects For Space In Higher Education
A Symposia series convened by Professor Sam Elkington (Teesside University) and Dr Jill Dickinson (University of Leeds):

Symposium 1: Assemblages 22 Feb 2023
Symposium 2: Networks 26 Apr 2023
Symposium 3: Flexibilities 14 Jun 2023

More info here

Relational Pedagogies: Connections And Mattering In Higher Education

Tuesday 7th March 2023, 9:30 – 11:30
Online event

The webinar will take the form of a series of panel discussions with invited guests, with opportunity for questions and comments from the audience. These conversations will explore the concept of relational pedagogies in higher education, and the implications for educational policy and practice. Themes will include:
Relational pedagogies
Authenticity, vulnerability, and trust in teaching and learning
Students as partners and co-creation
Mattering and connection
Engaging theory
Care and connection in HE

The session will be chaired by Professor Naomi Winstone, facilitated by Dr Patrick Baughan, Professor Ian Kinchin and Dr Namrata Rao, the conveners for this network, and managed by colleagues at SRHE. Guest speakers will include: A/Prof Rola Ajjawi; Prof Margaret Bearman; Prof Cathy Bovill; Dr Tim Fawns; Dr Nikki Fairchild and Prof Carol Taylor.

The session builds on the work undertaken for a book entitled, Relational Pedagogies: Connections and Mattering in Higher Education, authored by Karen Gravett and recently published by Bloomsbury.

More info hereThe State of Creativity

27 April 2023, 9.30 am – 5.00 pm, followed by a drinks reception
BFI Southbank, Belvedere Road, SE1 8XT

A free, one-day conference looking at the last 25 years of policy change in the creative industries and the launch of a major new report

More info here

 Guest Experimental Pedagogy Methodology
Image source: Yellow and red onions event at the

UAL Educational Conference 2022. More info here.
Each month we would like to feature a guest Experimental Pedagogy Methodology/ Method. If you would like your practice/ aspects of your practice to be added to the bank of contributions to be featured in this section in future newsletters please send an email to with Guest Pedagogy Methodology in the title.

We would like contributions to embrace and explore the experimental and the collaborative not only in content but also in format, so please feel free to send images/ text/ diagrams/ drawings/ videos/ sound/ weblinks/ etc. This will be sent to all the members so please ensure that anything you submit adheres with academic standards in copyright and that you have consent from any other parties involved/ represented in the submission.

We look forward to featuring your submissions and share the wonderful work our members are doing.

 What members are reading

The Pedagogy Group (2014) Some Tools for Radical Pedagogy, Art Journal, 73:3, 89-91, DOI: 10.1080/00043249.2014.993290

Available here

Springgay, S. (2022) Feltness: research-creation, socially engaged art, and affective pedagogies. Durham: Duke University Press.

Subjects: Pedagogy and Higher Education, Cultural Studies > Affect Theory, Art and Visual Culture

More info here

Köseoğlu, S., Veletsianos, G. and Rowell, C. (eds) (2023) Critical digital pedagogy in higher education. Athabasca, Alberta: AU Press.

More info here
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